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A Brief History of Unity Preschool

A visit to Skokie Sculpture Park has become a Unity Preschool tradition!

Unity Preschool was incorporated on June 21, 1963.  Before that time it was part of the St. Matthew’s Nursery School.

Unity’s was first located at the Unity Church of the North Shore.  It was through this association that Unity got it’s name. With a donation of a substantial amount of equipment from St. Matthew’s nursery, Unity was able to establish the school and submit an application for licensing in May 1963. Unity Preschool first began educating Evanston children in the Fall of 1963.

Since it first opened in 1963 and in an effort to find the optimal physical space for the school, Unity Preschool has relocated three times. For a period of time, the school was moved to St. Athanasius (St. A’s) Parish on Lincoln Ave.  Then for 36 years, Unity operated in the lower level of Wheadon Methodist Church at the corner of Noyes St. and Ridge Ave. During that time, another generation of Evanston children experienced the joy of learning. Finally, during the 2011-2012 school year, Unity located, renovated and relocated to our current Foster street location. This move was initiated so that Unity would be able to build a brighter, cheerful space. The school’s new physical environment was designed so that it would fit the needs of the staff and students for many, many years to come.