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Here at Unity we recognize families have many demands on their time. We are not a co-op and do not require parents to participate in school functions. We do encourage parents to be as active in the classroom as their schedule allows. We also recognize that tuition to a private preschool is just one of many expenses in family’s budget. We know that parents can go be overwhelmed by plea after plea to raise more funds for the school. We strive to keep our fundraisers to a minimum and focus on community building get-togethers throughout the year.


In addition to our annual Silent Auction where we raise money to supplement the funds coming in through tuition we also have many “fun”raisers. These have included a pancake breakfast, chili cook-off, Dad’s night out and Italian dinner night. These events are designed to bring our families together in settings outside of school, have a little fun, and maybe raise a few extra dollars for the school. Some families come to all of the events, others just a few or none at all.


If you would like to volunteer at Unity, please let us know! We have many opportunities from attending a school field trip to working on an art project in class to running one of our fund raisers.

School Board

A Board of Directors governs Unity Preschool and is comprised of current and past parents. This Board sets policy and works in conjunction with the Director, who is in charge of the day to day operations of the school.

The Board meets on a monthly basis and welcomes your input and suggestions. Parents are invited to attend Board meetings. Our parent community is very strong and attending board meetings is one way that we foster this bond.

The dates and times of these meetings are published in the monthly newsletter. Minutes from the board meetings will be posted and are also available via email. For your convenience, the names and phone numbers of all board members are listed in the school handbook. Please feel free to contact them with your questions, comments, or concerns.